Terms and Conditions ...

  1. 1.     Payment of the deposit constitutes the client’s confirmation that they have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions; and that they have provided (or will provide) a copy of these terms and conditions to anyone who may accompany them at Forsyth Bed & Breakfast (‘guest’) or visit them at Forsyth Bed & Breakfast (‘visitor’).  Clients accept responsibility for their guest’s behaviour whilst at Forsyth Bed & Breakfast (‘Forsyth’).

  2. 2.     Clients/guests with mobility difficulties: As the accommodation is located upstairs, and there is no lift, Forsyth may not be suitable for a client/guest who has a mobility difficulty.

  3. 3.     Resident cats: Forsyth would like to remind clients/guests that there are resident cats on the premises and therefore Forsyth may not suit those who may have a pet-related allergy.

  4. 4.    The room rate includes breakfast.

  5. 5.    To secure your booking.

  6. 5.1    Bookings are secured by payment of a non-refundable deposit of one night’s accommodation or 50% of the total booking for longer stays, whichever is the greater.

  7. 5.2    Bookings are only confirmed once the deposit has been received and the client receives e-mail booking confirmation from Forsyth.

  8. 5.3    Balance of payment for the booking is due by midday two weeks prior to the date of arrival.

  9. 5.4    Bookings are only finalised when the balance of payment has been received and the client receives final e-mail booking confirmation from Forsyth.

  10. 5.5    Payment can be made by credit card/ debit card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, direct bank transfer or cash. Forsyth does not accept personal cheques.

  11. 6.     Credit card/ PayPal charges.  Payment by credit cards and/or through PayPal will incur an additional charge of 2% which will be added to the invoiced charge.

  12. 7.     Christmas and New Year period.  Special rates apply between 23 December and 5 January – please enquire; where a stay includes New Year’s Eve, the minimum booking period is 5 consecutive nights.

  13. 8.     Weekends (including Friday or Saturday night) and major holidays (including Easter, Christmas).  Bookings are for a minimum period of 3 consecutive nights. At times, a 2-night booking may be available on a weekend - if so, there is a loading of an additional $15 per night.

  14. 9.     Single-night bookings: At times, a single night booking may be available – if so, there is a loading of an additional $30.

  15. 10.    Refund/cancellation policy.  If a client needs to change a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, the following terms and conditions apply:

  16. 10.1    The deposit is non-refundable.

  17. 10.2    If the client cancels by midday more than one week before the arrival date:

  18. 10.2.1 The client will be refunded the balance minus an administration fee of $25; or

  19. 10.2.2 Alternatively, if the client wishes to transfer the booking to another date (where a vacancy is available), the request will be accommodated, where possible.

  20. 10.3    If the client cancels later than this, that is after midday one week before the arrival date, the client will be charged the total amount due for the booked stay.

  21. 10.4    If the client does not arrive on the arrival date, the client will be charged the total amount due for the booked stay.

  22. 10.5    Forsyth reserves the right to determine the suitability of the rooms for guests on arrival.  For example, if a guest has a mobility issue in regard to safely accessing the upstairs guest rooms without assistance, and egressing the property in case of fire or emergency. The safety of its guests is of paramount concern for Forsyth at all times.

  23. 11.    Check-in time. Clients and their guests are welcome to check-in after 2pm and may drop off their luggage prior to check-in time by arrangement. 

  24. 12.    Check-out times.  11am on day of departure.  Clients and guests need to return all Forsyth keys (and car parking permit, if applicable) at time of check-out.  Clients and their guests may arrange to collect their luggage later in the day.

  25. 13.    Computer use.  Forsyth accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the propagation of any viruses or computer worms or similar transmitted from its website/ e-mail address/ computer, or which may be transmitted through the use of the free wireless internet facility it makes available for clients/guests.  The free wireless internet facility is provided through Telstra Broadband and Forsyth accepts no liability whatsoever for its speed or availability. Please note that Forsyth does use AVG Internet Security and Firewall on its computer.

  26. 14.    Valuables.  It is the sole responsibility of all clients and guests to make arrangements for adequate insurance cover for their person and personal possessions prior to their arrival. Forsyth accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss of, or damage to, any valuables that a client/guest/visitor may bring to Forsyth, including property, baggage, personal effects or similar – these items include but are not limited to cash, credit card, debit card, traveller’s cheque or similar; jewellery, laptops, photographic equipment and/or any other electronic device; clothing; luggage, personal items etc.  This clause includes unforeseen events such as cancellation or curtailment of stay or items that a client/guest/visitor may leave at Forsyth. 

  27. 15.    Parking.  Forsyth accepts no responsibility for any damage to a client/guest’s car/bike or similar vehicle (‘vehicle’).  Forsyth also accepts no responsibility for any parking infringement notice that may be issued to a client/guest/visitor‘s vehicle, including where the client/guest has used a Forsyth Parking Permit.  If a client/guest makes use of a Forsyth Parking Permit and does not return it, Forsyth reserves the right to make a charge to the client’s credit/debit card or send an invoice to the client for the amount of $600.

  28. 16.    Non-smoking establishment.  For the comfort of clients/guests, Forsyth is strictly a non-smoking establishment. If a client/guest does not comply with Forsyth’s non-smoking policy, the client and their guest will be asked to leave immediately (without Forsyth being liable for any refund or compensation) and the client will also be charged an additional cost of one night’s accommodation in regard to the cost of cleaning all soft furnishing and carpet to remove the odour of tobacco.  Thank you for your co-operation with our non-smoking policy.

  29. 17.    Pets.  Forsyth has resident cats and therefore does not permit other pets to stay. 

  30. 18.    Keys.  Forsyth provides clients/guests with 24 hour security access.  Keys must be returned at the end of the stay.  If a client/guest looses a set of keys or fails to return them, Forsyth reserves the right to make a charge to the client’s credit/debit card or send an invoice to the client for the amount of $110 per set of keys.

  31. 19.    Damage.  Please take care with the accommodation and contents. Clients are solely responsible and liable for any breakages or damage which they or their guest or visitor may cause to the accommodation and/or its contents.  Forsyth reserves the right to charge a client the costs of rectifying any damage which may be caused by a deliberate, reckless or negligent act, omission, default or neglect of the client/guest or their visitor in regard to any property, structure or item.  Should this damage come to light after the client/guest has departed, Forsyth reserves the right to make a charge to the client’s credit/debit card or send an invoice to the client for the amount required to remedy such damage – if this arises, Forsyth will make reasonable effort to contact the client first by e-mail (if the client has provided an e-mail address).  In relation to any breakages or damage, Forsyth will make every effort to keep any costs that the client may incur to a minimum.  Forsyth does not normally charge for minor breakages.

  32. 20.    Behaviour.  Forsyth reserves the right to determine if a client/guest’s behaviour is unacceptable, for example excessive noise levels that may impact on other clients/guests or neighbours.  If this occurs, Forsyth will ask both the client and their guest to modify their behaviour and, if this does not occur, Forsyth may immediately terminate the booking without being liable for any refund or compensation to the client.

  33. 21.    Essential services. Forsyth does not accept any responsibility for failure or interruption of utilities and essential services, but will make every effort to contact the authorities to report such incidences.  In the event that a faulty service or appliance is reported, Forsyth does not accept any responsibility for subsequent loss of amenity or property by any client/guest.

  34. 22.    Services provided by third parties.  Forsyth accepts no liability for services rendered to a client/guest by third parties, notwithstanding that the service may have been arranged by Forsyth.

  35. 23.    Non-availability of booked rooms.  Forsyth reserves the right to cancel out any booking.  If this occurs, Forsyth’s liability to the client/guest will be no greater than the amount paid by the client in respect of any booking.  Forsyth will, where possible, assist the client find alternative accommodation but will not be liable if it chooses not to do so, or is unable to find alternative accommodation.

  36. 24.    Liability/ General Indemnity
    Whilst Forsyth takes care to ensure the safety of clients/guests and their possessions whilst enjoying the accommodation, Forsyth does not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to a client/guest or any visitor of a client/guest, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act of an employee of Forsyth.

  37. 25.    Privacy

  38. 25.1.  Forsyth collects a client/guest’s personal identifiable information (name, address, phone number, e-mail details) for the purpose of fulfilling a client’s request for accommodation. Forsyth maintains this information in accordance with Australian Law and will not release it to any third party, except where:

  39. 25.1.1 It is needed (for example Forsyth collects credit/debit card information at time of booking so  it can charge a client’s credit/debit card, and organise for electronic delivery of booking confirmation).

  40. 25.1.2 It is required by law. 

  41. 25.1.3 Forsyth is of the view that there may be a risk to Forsyth (for example client fraud/ a client/guest or their visitor’s activities may cause harm to others)

  42. 25.2    Forsyth may use this information when it contacts a client about a booking.

  43. 25.3    Forsyth may also use this information when it contacts a client/guest after their stay for feedback. If a client/guest would prefer not to be contacted to provide feedback, please let Forsyth know.

  44. 25.4    Forsyth is aware that, in regard to its website, there may be domain tracking of visitors, and understands that this is done to enhance the services that Forsyth can provide on-line

  45. 25.5    If a client/guest holds any concerns about privacy issues, please contact Forsyth.

  46. 26.    GST.  Please note that Forsyth is not registered for GST;

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